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Diederik Storms

  1. Ardent, plexiglass, wood, steel, 144 x 135 x 25 cm, 2012
  2. Unperceived, plexiglass, steel, 138 x 24 x 22 cm, 2012
  3. Frailness, plexiglass and oak, 150 x 61 x 61 cm
  4. Diederik Storms in the midst of creating a sculpture.
  5. Intuition, plexiglass, steel, 138 x 24 x 22 cm
  6. Passage, plexiglass, petrified wood (Indonesia) and steel, 149 x 68 x 25 cm
  7. Unperceived, plexiglass, steel, 138 x 24 x 22 cm, 2012
  8. Essence, Plexiglass and beech, 55 x 12 x 17 cm, images posted with permission of the artist. 

Next exhibition, Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam October 30th - November 2nd, 2014. Represented by Pien Rademakers.



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“If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.”

– A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII by a Jewish prisoner  (via pale-afternoon)


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